Author Name: Brigitte Goldstein

Book Synopsis: An American historians search for her mythical birthplace in the Pyrenees leads her to an isolated mountaintop village frozen in time and a codex that opens up the world of a medieval Jewess living in the 14th century at the time of the expulsion of the Jews from France. While on sabbatical in Toulouse, Nina Aschauer searches for the place in the mountains where she was born during her parents’ flight from Nazi persecution. What she finds is not only love, but codex written in Hebrew letters. Engaging the help of her cousin, a medieval scholar of Chicago, they decipher the writing which opens the world of a medieval Jewess who had been left behind during the Jews’ flight from France due to the fact that she had been defile by a libidinous priest of a heretical sect who makes her his concubine forcing her live in a village among hostile peasants. The narrative intertwines the lives of two Jewish women living 700 years apart and weaves them into a vibrant tapestry with multiple threads of history and fantasy populated by Jews, Cathars, Papists, marauding shepherds, superstitious peasants, Nazis, Vichy police and sleuthing academics.

Author Bio: Brigitte Goldstein is a writer of historical novels and literary translator. She holds a Ph.D. degree in European History and Culture from New York University. Before turning to full-time writing, she taught college history and worked in publishing. She is at work on her fifth historical novel, a sequel of Death of a Diva. She lives in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

ISBN-13: 9781450251085

Publisher Name: iUniverse