Author Name: Naveen Lakkur with Dr. Liz Alexander

Illustrator Name: Priya Kumar

Book Synopsis: Not every idea can or should become a commercial reality. Found is an indispensable guide offering a proven, five-part process to help both aspiring and experienced entrepreneurs discover which of their ideas has the best chance of sustainable success.

Author Bio: Dr. Liz Alexander’s broad range of international experience and expertise makes her highly valuable to individuals and organizations. As co-founder of Leading Thought, Liz helps mid-tier and challenger brand professional service firms position themselves to attract unassailable thought leadership recognition from clients and prospects, with the aim of generating leads and increasing market share. Combining skills acquired over 25 years working in corporate and academic environments as well as running her own successful businesses, Liz has developed a global reputation.

ISBN-13: 9788192070261

Publisher Name: Bloomsbury


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