A Matter of Survival: The Story of Frances – Biography

Author Name: Arleen Patricia Mercorella

Book Title: A Matter of Survival – The Story of Frances

Book Synopsis: When do life ‘s troubles become too much to handle? For Frances, it started when her father abandoned her at age six and had to spend the next ten years in an orphanage with stern nuns who offered little in the way of comfort or consolation. And that was just the beginning of the obstacles she faced in life, after being born in 1917 to an Italian immigrant couple who seemed to resent her very existence. But as documented by her daughter in the amazing true story, Frances never showed a hint of bitterness. Instead, she overcame every struggle armed with sweetness and positivity, and her story is sure to inspire those facing hardships in their own lives.

Author Bio: Arleen Mercorella was born and raised in Queens, New York. Her love for travel drew her to working for Pan American Airways at the age of 17, and she went on to spend most of her professional career working for airline and travel industry executives. In addition to her experience in the business world, Arleen also completed several college writing courses, leading her to develop a style of her own and to find success in a variety of business writing projects. Arleen also became a licensed New York City tour guide and started her own company out of her love for New York City and her passion for knowledge.

Publisher Name: Springtime Press (self-pubished)

Website: http://www.arleenmercorella.com