A Prayer to Tangaroa – Romance

Author Name: Alena Martinu

Book Title: A Prayer to Tangaroa

Book Synopsis: Evelyn has flown halfway around the world for a holiday in one of the most exotic places: the Society Islands of French Polynesia. When she sees the statue of the Māori god Tangaroa in front of the hotel in Papeete, enchanted by the surroundings, she asks him for help in finding her true love. Her traveling companion and aunt, Helen, has secret plans for her niece on this trip. She is hoping to effect a major change in her niece ‘s life by introducing her to a wealthy shipbuilder ‘s grandson who might be serving on the cruise ship they ‘re on. Evelyn, on the other hand, is hoping for a shipboard romance to help her recover from a bad breakup. Both women ‘s plans will be cast overboard when Sean Andrews, the second officer aboard the Seahawk, turns out to be what neither of them expected. Will Tangaroa, the Māori god of the sea, answer her prayers?

Author Bio: Alena Martinu immigrated to Canada in 1988 from Czechoslovakia. She draws her inspiration from her travel experience and a broad background that ranges from engineering to psychology and comparative religion. She currently lives with her family in Montreal, Quebec, where she is the chief editor of the Montrealsky Vestnik.

Publisher Name: iUniverse

Website: http://www.alenamartinu.com