A Summer of Good-Byes – Fiction

Author Name: Fred Misurella

Book Title: A Summer of Good-Byes

Book Synopsis: Ben and Lee Alto follow Van Gogh’s 19th century path to Provence, hoping to find inspiration for their own lives and give their son, Misha, insight into a world completely different from their own. They find art, of course, and a world of beautiful landscapes. But they also find a ghost of their own past, and it’s not Vincent Van Gogh, but a woman Ben once loved and a man, Zach, a well-known jazz musician, who teaches them hard lessons about art and life, as well as the art of life.

Author Bio: Fred Misurella has published two novels, ARRANGEMENT IN BLACK AND WHITE and ONLY SONS; LIES TO LIVE BY: STORIES; and UNDERSTANDING MILAN KUNDERA: PUBLIC EVENTS, PRIVATE AFFAIRS. He is a Fulbright Scholar, and a graduate of the University of Iowa Writers Workshop. He lives with his wife and children in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

Publisher Name: Blue Triangle Press

Website: http://www.FredMisurella.com