A Thousand Points of Truth – Historical

Author Name: Valerie Protopapas (V. P. Hughes [pen name])

Book Title: A Thousand Points of Truth: The History and Humanity of Col. John Singleton Mosby in Newsprint

Book Synopsis: Although there are innumerable books, essays, articles and dissertations on Colonel John Singleton Mosby, but none presents his life through the lens of the press from 1862 through 1916, the year of Mosby ‘s death. Almost 600 newspapers and 7500 articles were used and despite severe editing the work is still almost 800 pages long! An interesting narrative interprets Mosby ‘s life according to the major historical events presented through press coverage. Yet this is not just a recitation of facts but, the correction of past assumptions about Mosby including those negative traits constantly reiterated in biographies and other works. These severe criticisms include the denigration of his military activities and their value, his (supposed) post-war political œapostasy  and his character, especially in old age. This book refutes these œaccepted interpretations  of John Mosby as both a soldier and a man.

Author Bio: V. P. Hughes was born in New York on May 30th, 1941, 25 years to the day and hour of John Mosby’s death. Her interest in Mosby began in the early 50s but it wasn’t until she was able to utilize the on-line newspaper archives of the Library of Congress that this book was made possible. Hughes lives on Long Island and is a widow.

Publisher Name: Xlibris

Website: https://www.athousandpointsoftruth.com