Among Believers – Religion

Author Name: Christine Osborne

Book Title: Among Believers: A Pictorial Journey

Book Synopsis: Among Believers takes you on a pictorial journey exploring the richness and diversity of the world ‘s mainstream religions: Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism and Sikhism. Nothing provides a better picture of a country ‘s culture than the religion followed by the majority of its citizens. It is equally true that nothing has had more influence on successive civilisations, not only in its legacy of magnificent buildings and masterful works of art, but in doctrines durable enough to have come down through the centuries unchanged. Worship, the most obvious expression of faith, is common to all religions, but while some faiths are more institutionalised than others, all teachings essentially advocate similar directives for ethical and moral living. Even so the practice of religion varies widely in relation to the customs and traditions rooted in a country ‘s culture and may include sacrifices and sermons, festivals, feasts and fasts, matrimonial and funeral services, meditation, study, music, art and dance. The text is accompanied by 365 color photographs.

Author Bio: Former nurse, born in Sydney Australia. Lived 37 years in London. Writer and photographer specialising in travel and lifestyles in developing world countries. Author of travel guides, food and educational books. Proprietor of stock image library specialising in world religions.

Publisher Name: World Religions Photo Library