Cassandra’s Castle – Young Adult Fiction

Author Name: D.L. Gardner

Book Title: Cassandra’s Castle

Book Synopsis: While writing a term project on revolution, Cassandra, a feisty teenager from Seattle, accidentally opens a portal and time-travels to a magical land.

Before she can make sense of her surroundings, a grumpy old wizard named Silvio appears who informs her she’s a princess. Being royalty is not safe these days, Silvio warns, especially not with the rebel named Valerio causing trouble. Who should appear at that moment but the very man he speaks of? Cassie waves off Silvio’s caution, immediately enamored with the handsome rebel leader. It takes no time at all for Valerio to coerce Cassie into joining forces against the king.

Fooled into thinking her part will be simple, Cassie soon becomes a pawn in a dark and dangerous rebellion. She realizes her mistake too late, for she meets the royal family, and falls in love with the king’s son.

Author Bio: Writing novels that ignite imaginations, strengthen friendships, spur courage and applaud honor, D.L. Gardner targets young adults, yet her books are enjoyed by all ages.

Dianne was born in Ohio and raised in southern CA. She attended Northern AZ University and later continued her education in the Pacific Northwest. She’s an oil painter, book illustrator, screenwriter and filmmaker. She writes under the names of D. L. Gardner and Dianne Lynn Gardner. Her novels have hit the Amazon best sellers list and she has won numerous awards for her screenplays.

Publisher Name: D.L. Gardner Books