Christmastime In The Sunshine with Coco The Magic Rock! – Children’s Fiction

Author Name: Alexandria Hitt and Zoe Hitt

Book Title: Christmastime In The Sunshine With Coco The Magic Rock!: Celebration Of The Golden Season: Part One

Book Synopsis: Part one of this story is about a boy named Kolby who lives in Miamitown. Kolby is curious about seeing snow during Christmas. Although his wish to see snow this year during Christmas becomes a challenge, he and his friends still have a great time. While celebrating in Miami town, they experience an unexpected, magical and amazing moment during one of the last days of the œGolden Season!  Young readers will enjoy how Kolby celebrates Christmas traditions and activities in the sunshine!

Author Bio: Alexandria is a sophomore in college working on her international finance career. Zoe is home schooled following her tennis dreams. Both have aspirations to write books in the future. In addition to their book writings, both are owners and bloggers to the anti-obesity and youth lifestyle culture website

Publisher Name: Imaas Books