Dana Also Deserves a Playground – Children’s Inspirational/Motivational

Author Name: Yael Manor

Book Title: Dana Also Deserves a Playground

Book Synopsis: This story aims to shed light, on the discrimination against disabled children in the playgrounds.

This is a story about a socially caring, a true friendship and willingness to contribute to the other.

This is a story about thinking, about persistence and about originality.

This is a story about a real concern for the weaker and non-discrimination of his rights.

Let us teach our children to be all of this.

Author Bio: Yael Manor worked as a high school math teacher for 35 years, spending 12 of those years managing the entire math department at school. She also served as a homeroom teacher and for several years, was managed the school’s upper grades.

Over the years, Yael Manor has acquired additional skills in the fields of economics, business administration, online business, and coaching, including specializing in coaching people with ADHD and providing financial coaching to families.

Yael Manor has four children (including twins – a boy and a girl) and five grandchildren (including twins – a boy and a girl). With the birth of her grandchildren and her proximity to their upbringing, a hidden writing instinct arose in her, nourished by the experience of raising her grandchildren. The everyday situations entailed by raising kids, have yielded children’s books that combine reality, humor and imagination.

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