I Am God Made Manifest…And So Are You – Personal Growth/Development

Author Name: Thandiwe Folotiya

Book Title: I Am God Made Manifest…And So Are You

Book Synopsis: This is a candid account of Thandiwe Folotiya ‘s journey to enlightenment. Turning an analytical lawyer ‘s mind inward, she deftly explores her life ‘s choices in the light of familial history, pop culture influences, and the philosophical drive that motivates us all to question and discover our true purpose on Earth. This insightful, yet introspective autobiography applies the Seven Spiritual Truths as transcribed from interactions with the wise and generous spiritual guide John the Beloved, and Folotiya offers all of this with a healthy dose of humor, grace, and aplomb. In straight-forward and conversational language, this book opens up the gates for others to pursue the deep knowledge and profound awareness the author had to find for herself.

Author Bio: Thandiwe Folotiya is a lawyer, mentor and student of spiritual development in her spare time. She explores a lifelong fascination with how the metaphysical affects the physical while becoming reacquianted with her life plan and purpose.

Publisher Name: Partridge Africa

Website: http://www.iamgodmademanifest.com