(I want To Go To Lithuania or) How to Have Fun With Your Aging Parents – Caregiving

Author Name: Christina Britton Conroy M.A., L.C.A.T., C.M.T.

Book Synopsis: Whether living in an assisted living facility or in their own home, children of aging parents (aunts, uncles, disabled persons) are looking for ways to determine and discuss the best activities and level of daily care for loved ones. It’s not an easy job, with many caregivers feeling frustrated about the decisions they make and the level of interactions they have with their parents and loved ones. Concise and often very funny, the illustrated book How To Have Fun with Your Aging Parents: A Step-by-Step Manual for Adults Who Love and Care for Older Adults by eldercare therapist Christina Britton Conroy, M.A., C.M.T., L.C.A.T. helps caregivers bring joy and passion back into the lives of their aging loved ones. A quick read, Conroy provides excellent advice in a workbook format for caregivers to determine the best types of daily activities and care for their loved ones.

Author Bio: Christina Britton Conroy, M.A., L.C.A.T., C.M.T. is the founder and Executive Director of Music Gives Life, bringing musical performing into the lives of senior citizens. Many of her elderly showstoppers, ages 60- 101, never performed in public before joining Christina’s program. NY1 – TV NEWS named them NYers of the Week. A former senior center director, nursing home music thera- pist, and primary caregiver for two elderly family members, Christina has unique insights into the joys and frustrations shared by geriatric patients and their caregivers. Also a classically trained musician/actor, Christina toured the world performing musical theatre. She lives in Greenwich Village, NYC with her husband, actor/media-coach/cartoonist Larry Conroy. Visit www.ChristinaBrittonConroy.com.

Publisher Name: Black Lyon Publishing

Website: www.ChristinaBrittonConroy.com