I’m a Lot of Sometimes – Children’s Inspirational/Motivational

Author Name: Jack Guinan

Book Title: I’m a Lot of Sometimes

Book Synopsis: Growing up can be oh-so confusing! Shhh, don’t be so loud. Speak up. You’ve got to be the BIG brother/sister now. You’re much too little to go on the big rides. No matter who you are at any moment in your life, it’s best to just be you.

Author Bio: Jack Guinan is an award-winning author, illustrator and nationally syndicated cartoonist. Jack’s children’s books include: I’m a Lot of Sometimes, Ruff’s Rough Day: A Story of Good Manners and Politeness, Sully, The Seagull Who Roared! and SomeDay, SomeNight.

Publisher Name: Red Chair Press

Website: http://www.Amazon.com/Author/JackGuinan