I’m Running Away! – Children’s Fiction

Author Name: Lisa Beere

Book Title: I’m Running Away!

Book Synopsis: Sam (from Night Noises) returns to readers in this story. (Sam & Junie Book Series)

œI ‘m Running Away! œ has Sam trying to adjust to the new baby in his family. But no one is paying Sam any attention. So, he decides to pack up and run away! (Don ‘t worry, he doesn ‘t actually get out the door). This story is about family members caring about one another, and things not always being as they seem.

Official press release https://www.prlog.org/12651062-canadian-childrens-author-releases-new-book-in-the-sam-and-junie-series.html

Author Bio: Lisa Beere is an Ottawa writer creating in the areas of children ‘s literature, poetry, short stories, song lyrics and film. She ‘s available to do book readings, signings and give presentations. Lisa has twenty-three books under contract with Crimson Cloak Publishing. Her poetry has appeared in several publications such as: Ottawa Poetry Magazine, Meat For Tea: The Valley Review, Ricky ‘s Backyard, Crow Pie Literary Journal, etc.

Publisher Name: Crimson Cloak Publishing

Website: http://www.lisa.beere.ca