Author Name: Michele Breza

Book Synopsis: Journey with this tiny Star as it seeks it purpose in the Milky Way Galaxy and discovers that it is destined to participate in a wonderful Christmas event. Beautiful and vivid illustrations complement this unique re-telling of the birth of Baby Jesus.

Author Bio:  Michele Breza is an Award-Winning Author residing in Minnesota. She is a Silver Medal Recipient in the 2016 Illumination Awards in the Category of Holiday Books; Finalist in the 2016 IAN Book of the Year Awards in the Category of Children’s Illustrated Fiction; Winner in the 2016 Pinnacle Book Awards in the Category of Children’s Fiction; and Winner in the 2016 Book Excellence Awards in the Category of Holiday Books. Michele Breza is a supporter of childhood literarcy programs, women empowerment organizations, domestic assault awareness, animal rights, and sustainable farming methods. Besides being an author, she is a publisher, photographer, classical musician, accountant, small business mentor, and mother.

ISBN-13: 9780996874700

Publisher Name: Diamanda Publishing


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