What are the Book Excellence Awards?

The Book Excellence Awards were founded by Literary Excellence Incorporated. The Awards recognize authors from all backgrounds and genres, providing them with an opportunity to celebrate their achievements in releasing their book. Receiving a Book Excellence Award is a tremendous honor that represents the hard work, dedication and commitment that went into creating a book. Books that have received a Book Excellence Award have been recognized for their high quality design, writing and overall market appeal.

Our Mission

A book is a way to share one’s vision with the world and let one’s imagination run free. The Book Excellence Awards was founded to celebrate that vision and the thousands of stories that come with it.

Whether you have a traditional publisher or are a self-published author, the Book Excellence Awards provides you with the opportunity to showcase your effort, dedication and creativity.

Award Eligibility

We accept entries from authors that have written and/or published a book. We accept entries from countries around the world in over 100 unique categories. We also accept entries from publishers and other book industry professionals on behalf of their authors.

All books submitted to the Book Excellence Awards must meet the following guidelines:

Have an ISBN

Written in English

We accept print books, e-books and audio books. Galley copies are also welcome.

Please note: Once a book is submitted to the Book Excellence Awards, it will not be returned.

Award Categories

The Book Excellence Awards offers entry into the following categories:

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