Author Showcase Feature with Book Excellence Award Winner Heidi M. Thomas

Book Title: Cowgirl Up! A History of Rodeo Women

How did you know you wanted to be an author? Ever since I was a kid, I made up stories, loved reading and writing. Later I received my degree in journalism.

What is your advice for aspiring authors? If you had to do it again, what would you have done differently? Read a LOT! Take classes, join writing/critique groups. Practice and hone your craft. And persevere–don’t give up!

Do you have any writing rituals or practices? When I get stuck, I go out into nature, take a walk or a hike. That lets my brain unblock and usually I will find a solution to my writing problem.

What message do you want readers to remember? Dare to follow your dream!

How can fans get in contact with you?
Facebook: search Heidi M Thomas, author
Twitter: @heidiwriter