Author Showcase Feature with Book Excellence Award Winner S. P. Perone

Book Title: Turned On! A Young Professor’s 1960s Memoir

How did you know you wanted to be an author? As an avid reader, ideas for novels came to me over the years, and I would create a one-page story outline and file it away. As I ran across related items, I added to each file. When I reached a stage in my academic career when I could devote time to fiction writing, I chose one of dozens of files and began writing. When I saw the characters and situations from my fragmentary ideas taking shape before the eyes of readers, I was hooked! I’ve now published several award-winning novels and a memoir; and I’m enjoying the writing more every day.

What is your advice for aspiring authors? If you had to do it again, what would you have done differently?
1) Get formal training in the fundamentals of creative writing.
2) Take advantage of existing resources to guide your publishing aspirations.
3) Focus first and foremost on improving your writing and producing an extended body of work, rather than on promoting what you’ve done. As your work expands and improves, the promoting will take care of itself.

Do you have any writing rituals or practices? Always outline what you’re planning to write before sitting down at the keyboard. Think the action and dialogue through in your mind first; then jot down the thoughts. It doesn’t have to be a textbook outline … just fragments that capture what you want to portray. Don’t try to write too much in one day, but don’t be satisfied until you have it right. Remember: the “delete” key is your friend.

What message do you want readers to remember? For older readers, I hope the 1960s memoir offers a nostalgic recollection of everything that made that decade so special. For younger readers, I hope it provides an appreciation for an iconic era. I hope that aspiring academicians reading the memoir will gain insight to the inner workings, demands, pitfalls and rewards of an academic career. For all, I hope the memoir is entertaining!

How can fans get in contact with you?
email: with “Perone Books” in subject line.