With millions of books published every year, what are you going to do to make your books stand out?

Take this FREE email course to learn simple book marketing strategies to promote yourself the SMART way, not the HARD way.

Worried you’re not selling enough books?

You have the perfect book:


The writing is well executed


The editing was professionally done


The book cover is eye-catching

BUT, you are struggling to make even 50 to 100 sales per year.

You feel like it’s ALL YOUR FAULT. But, maybe it isn’t.

Did you know?

According to Statista, in the U.S. alone, there were a total of 727,125 self-published books released in 2015.

As the number of books released each year rises, it gets harder for authors to stand out from the crowd.

And, when that crowd gets bigger and bigger, it can seem impossible.

Luckily, there is a solution!

It involves simple yet effective book marketing strategies that REALLY work.

Strategies that allow you to work SMARTER, not harder.

In just 5 days, with this FREE book marketing course, you will learn how to build your author platform, garner lots of book reviews and skyrocket your book sales.

This FREE Book Marketing Course Covers Five Main Topics:

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Who Is This Course For?

Emerging Authors

Learn 5 simple marketing tactics you can use to promote yourself the smart way, not the hard way.

Experienced Authors

Propel your book marketing efforts forward by learning how to establish yourself as an expert and sell more books.


Build your publishing business the right way by using proven marketing strategies to help you succeed in publishing.

Literary Professionals

Help your clients excel in their field by using marketing techniques that are simple to follow and easy to implement.

What’s in this Course?

Lesson 1: Double Your Book Sales This Year Using 1 Simple Strategy

  • What 1 author did to find out where most of his book sales were coming from
  • Why getting featured in large publications such as the NY Times and Good Morning America doesn’t always lead to more book sales
  • A step by step process you can use to get featured on blogs and websites that will actually lead to more exposure and book sales

Lesson 2: Get Up To 1,000 Book Reviews This Year With Just 1 Email Per Week

  • What persuades customers to buy a product
  • Why bad reviews may not be all that bad
  • Done for you email scripts you can use to get more book reviews

Lesson 3: Put Your Social Media On Auto-Pilot

  • How social media automation can save you time and effort without sacrificing quality or reader engagement
  • How an author uses social media to connect with readers and spur new sales
  • A free social media automation tool you can use to schedule, track and automate posts

Lesson 4: Get Your Fans To Do Your Marketing For You!

  • 3 ways to turn your fans into your own personal marketing team
  • The exact tool you need to encourage your fans to share your content
  • Easy scripts you can use to make your readers feel appreciated

Lesson 5: Use Viral Giveaways to Attract Quality Readers and Increase Book Sales

  • Why some giveaways go wrong and how to make sure yours doesn’t
  • How to promote your giveaway the right way
  • The essential step most people miss in holding a giveaway that will help you make book sales (even though you’re giving away books!)

If this course is so valuable, why is it free?


We want to provide all authors, publishers and literary professionals with the opportunity to take their book marketing to the next level and sell more books. We offer this course for free because we want to provide actionable material that can actually improve your results. 

Sponsored by the Book Excellence Awards

The Book Excellence Awards is an international awards competition dedicated to providing authors from all genres and backgrounds the opportunity to showcase their work on a global platform. Based in Canada, the organization accepts entries from countries all over the world in over 100 unique categories. A Book Excellence Award honor is a testament to a book’s high quality design, writing and overall market appeal. To learn more about the Book Excellence Awards, visit: www.bookexcellenceawards.com.

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