Author Name: James E. Alston

Illustrator Name: Joanna Quilantang, Cover design – Mary Jean Archival, Interior design

Book Synopsis: Churches Incorporated: Captures a church milieu with eye-opening experiences that brings the churches brokenhearted into the spotlight. This book is uniquely written to the churches brokenhearted. The author, James E. Alston says, when a minister errors, let them feel they can reach for the mea culpa.

Author Bio: Mr. Alston is the son of a pastor, a retired executive, and three – time, award-winning author. He is the recipient of the Humanitarian Award. He has authored two other books – “No More Mr. Nice Guy” and “A lost Art- Business Etiquette with Exceptional Service.”

ISBN-13: 9781681423418

Publisher Name: Tate Publishing


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