Author Name: Gaby Pratt

Book Synopsis: Comanche And The Mex Girl is about an unlikely trio – Nakiguaht, a Comanche of 17 summers, Elena Wade, 16, Mexican/Anglo, and Ornery, her contrary black gelding. When their paths cross on the Chisholm Elena has no choice but to join with Nakiguaht for safety on the Trail. But first Elena has to cover come her fear of the Comanche while he patiently waits until she grasps the truth.

Author Bio: Gaby Pratt is an associate member of Western Writers of America, a member of Woman Writing the West, Romance Writers of America and both Texas and Montana Historical Societies. Each of her books feature a horse inspired by a family owned equine, or oxe heard about via the horse lovers’ grapevine.

ISBN-13: 9781625262318

Publisher Name: Solstice


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