Author Name: Brigitte Goldstein

Book Synopsis: Brigitte Goldstein is a writer of historical novels and literary translator. She holds a Ph.D. degree in European History and Culture from New York University. Before turning to full-time writing, she taught college history and worked in publishing. She is at work on her fifth historical novel, a sequel of Death of a Diva. She lives in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Author Bio: Stella Berger, an internationally renowned star of screen and stage and outspoken critic of the Nazi regime, is found murdered in her dressing room in the summer of 1941 at the end of a triumphant run on Broadway. Assisting the police in the investigation is the young German Jewish refugee Misia Safran. With her help they unravel the story of Stella’s life from humble beginnings in a pre-WWI Viennese Jewish ghetto to her rise to stardom in Weimar Berlin and darling of pre-Nazi German cinema. Misia cuts through the thicket of self-serving testimony of Stella’s entourage. What she discovers a deeply held secret that might hold the key to the murder, but if made public could destroy Stella’s carefully crafted public persona. Not all that glitters is gold.

ISBN-13: 9780692246665

Publisher Name: Pierredor Books