Author Name: Hélène Cardona

Book Synopsis: Dreaming My Animal Selves is an intriguingly surreal journey through myth, legend, fantasy, and more – all guided by a shape-shifting narrator searching far and wide for cosmic unity within the discontinuous landscape of dream and the dreamy, fragmented quality of the everyday world. The dual-language text works to heighten the narrator’s shifting perceptions, symbol by symbol, vision by vision.

Author Bio: Hélène Cardona is an award-winning poet, literary translator, editor, and actor, author of three bilingual poetry collections and three translations. She holds a Master’s from the Sorbonne and taught at Hamilton College and LMU. She has lived in France, England, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Monaco, Wales, and the United States.

ISBN-13: 9781908836397

Publisher Name: Salmon Poetry


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