100 People to Meet Before You Die – Travel

Author Name: Jackie Chase

Book Title: “100 People To Meet Before You Die” Travel to Exotic Cultures

Book Synopsis: This collection of travel accounts to 12 exotic cultures allows you to experience the wonders of our fascinating world in words and photos.

By sharing the trailblazing adventures of Jackie Chase, a Midwestern housewife and mother of four, you can experience: The warmth of unexpected friendships, photos capturing extraordinary lifestyles, and rituals of life’s passages. This journey with Jackie takes you from mundane habits and predictable schedules. Before you know it, you are packing to follow in her footsteps for the real thing.

Author Bio: Jackie Chase shares her experiences from travels to over 120 countries in a unique voice that take you to the scene, even without peeking at her story telling photos of life in cultures we seldom observe.

Publisher Name: Adventure Travel Press

Website: http://www.jackiechase.com