A Birthday Party For Mother Earth – Children’s Education

Author Name: Laurenn Prater Barker

Book Title: A Birthday Party for Mother Earth

Book Synopsis: Lae Lae and her little friends come together to celebrate Mother Earth and all that she has given us. The story was inspired by my granddaughter Zoe and she, her big brother and I had such a celebration when she was 5 years old. In the book, each child brings something from his or her home country to share about the world and its creatures. They make a birthday mud cake and sing songs to celebrate Mother Earth. The book includes a story, activities, facts about the world and parent’s notes

Author Bio: Laurenn is a lifetime artist and her career has incorporated design, illustration, photography and writing. She has written, designed and produced six books in addition to the eight Lae Lae books and more than 100 publications.

Laurenn has served on the boards of several organizations dedicated to child welfare and she has been involved in children’s issues in three states. She has taught art to children, has training in Expressive Arts Therapy and is a member of the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association.

She is also an acclaimed bronze sculptor and her work focuses largely on women and children.

Publisher Name: Expressions Studio

Website: http://www.laelae.com