A Game for Knowledge – Social/Political Change

Author Name: Senir Wongsokerto

Book Title: A Game for Knowledge

Book Synopsis: It’s about introducing new sets of guidelines to upheave the country with good understanding and solidarity. Aiming to become a welfare state with unified culture. These guidelines open the possibility to be constantly tested and investigated for its viability and continuity. Priviledge is given to all citizen to express or debate their views and grievances openly on the net. After productive debates same can be blended in aproject for execution with full consent of fellow citizens. Furthermore, this book opens a discussion of how to minimise the risk of fatality when terraforming the planet Venus.

Author Bio: Senir Wongsokerto is a business consultant and life coach. Through the course of his career, he created various training sessions in NLP, life coaching, burnout, depression, Reiki healing and acupressure. The idea of writing came while he was watching the tide roll in and away on the beach of the island of Madeira. Ever since, the urge for a better understanding of nature became stronger. He started delving into life’s timeline and the evolution of the earth. This has become his life’s work.

Publisher Name: AuthorHouse UK

Website: http://www.senirwongsokerto.com