A Manual on Exposure in Photography – Photography

Author Name: Ceriel van Arneman

Book Title: A manual on exposure in photography

Book Synopsis: Ceriel van Arneman’s A Manual on Exposure in Photography comprehensively studies the mechanisms and applications of reflex and compact cameras through numerous images and detailed descriptions. Utilizing colorful photographs that showcase a variety of effects, Arneman explicitly states how photographers achieve different techniques. Moreover, he explains how to resolve numerous mishaps that may complicate a photographer’s shot.

Author Bio: Ceriel van Arneman is an fanatic photographer with a vast amount of knowledge in the field of exposure in phorography. Those interested in portraiture will find this section particularly interesting as it covers flash umbrellas ability to eliminate shadows as well as which umbrellas to utilize with which skin tones. Arneman also provides illustrative and textual references to show readers how to create several photography accessories from materials found around the home.

Publisher Name: Author House

Website: https://cerielsoftlightphotography.wordpress.com/