Awakening into Unity – Climate Change

Author Name: Lee Temple

Book Title: Awakening Into Unity, the Complete Global Awakening Series Reader

Book Synopsis: The Global Awakening project integrates widely accepted scientific, spiritual, and environmental perspectives to reveal our profound collective journey from the Big

Bang to the present day”so we can understand, at the deepest core level, who we truly are, what we're made of, and how we've come face to face with the greatest human

challenge of all time”global climate change. In so doing, it facilitates a large-scale human awareness shift into a new, direct experience of the universe's intrinsic unity. This enlightening transformation”as essential to successfully addressing climate crisis as the advancement of green technology or governmental initiatives”inspires broadbased, compassionate, win-win behavior that promotes lasting healing for Earth and her children. For more information, please visit

Author Bio: Lee Temple is an award-winning author, visionary, elder, community organizer, and global sustainability activist/consultant”a planetary change agent and vital force for cross-cultural transformation. Through his Global Awakening series of books, articles, posters, pamphlets, interviews, teachings, and speeches, launched in 2013 via and featured in the Shift Network, Lee has touched and positively influenced the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals, organizations, and communities worldwide.

He has served as consultant, advisor, and/or strategist for numerous organizations and individuals around the world, including and the Orion Society, and coordinated many successful community events.

For the past twenty-plus years, Lee has lived the low-carbon life in the remote, high-mountain desert of south-central Colorado. Together with his life partner, he designed and built the Wingspread Sustainable Homestead”an authentic, successful demonstration of 80%-plus carbon reductions for the typical American family”by relocalizing and integrating food, energy,

and livelihood “ and adopting an exciting, enjoyable, fulfilling and enriching way of life in the process.

Lee is a retired architect/university professor who taught

grad-/undergrad-level architecture and urban design courses at Syracuse, Hobart/William Smith and Cornell Universities. He headed his own architectural firm for over twenty years, and received numerous awards for design excellence, including for the Athena Residence, the Northeast's first smart home.

Mr. Temple chaired the Social Justice Committee of Cornell University's Catholic Community for four years, served as a Founding Steering Committee Member for the Tibetan Resettlement Project in Ithaca, New York, and helped found EcoVillage at Ithaca (EVI), where he served

two years as an elected EVI Board Member before

moving to Colorado. EVI is now an internationally

recognized model for sustainable development (learn more at

Lee founded the Sustainable Resource Center as a regional sustainability library/consulting organization that published the quarterly SRC Newsletter. He co-founded the Crestone Sustainability Initiative, and founded

the publishing houses Temple Mountain Music, Big Rig Records, and Shining Golden Suns, LLC, the developer of the Global Awakening project.

Important teachings, initiatory transmissions, and empowerments from many of the world's great wisdom traditions enliven his independent path. In addition to his professional, educational, activist, networking, publishing, and philanthropic activities, Mr. Temple has traveled, studied, worked, and pilgrimaged in North and South America, Europe, India, Easter Island, and Hawaii.

Publisher Name: Shining Golden Suns, LLC