Beyond Embarrassment – Women’s Health

Author Name: JoAnne Lake

Book Title: Beyond Embarrassment: Reclaiming you life with neurogenic bladder and bowel

Book Synopsis: Beyond Embarrassment. One woman’s story of taking her life back.

Personal stories, health tips, practical help, and the latest medical research. A ready resource for women who live with neurogenic bladder and bowel”and anyone who faces a challenging physical condition”this is a story that will educate, encourage, and inspire.

Author Bio: As the author, JoAnne Lake, I share my journey of diagnosis and daily life now with neurogenic bladder condition through my book “ Beyond Embarrassment.

As the blogger, Trudy Triumph, I began sharing my difficulties and struggles anonymously with others on this blog and by guest writing on others blogs. I soon found that there were many women out there that were also struggling and we helped each other. Together we gave information, advice and support for one another through many ups and downs, calm times and those of concern and sometimes panic. We still do and through this blog we have reached thousands with important words of medical facts, common problems, and support when no one else understood.

Publisher Name: Triumph Media Press