Earth’s Natural Thumb Print #101 – Green Living

Author Name: Diane M Quinlan


Book Synopsis: This nature workbook attempt was to give honour to our Mother Earth by presenting my artist creativenesses both in writing and painting, as a (show and tell) premise. It is an exercise for humanity to be aware of just what we are doing to nature’s environment today and yesterday and what of the tomorrows? We have become an over-productive product consumer advocates and, with these products comes over un-productive land wastes giving off industrial toxins that pollute our nature’s environment and nature’s productivities are being affected globally.

Author Bio: I am a senior female Canadian artist and writer who has been crafting my nature works for some time now. Saved works over many years thankfully have become because of the availability of my saved files found on my computer–(My Best Friend). I have chosen many artistic works and essay, as well, as prose works to appear coinciding throughout the book. The chapters have proven to be a colourful display of pages both in words and artwork. These nature-paged presentations are indeed: A great show and tell means to honouring our Mother Earth. They definitely give food for thought about nature.

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