Familiar Evil – True Crime

Author Name: Rannah Gray

Book Title: Familiar Evil

Book Synopsis: The chilling true story of the international search for Scott Rogers, a school principal who fled the U.K. after his trial in London for sexual assault on a child ended in a hung jury. With a new identity in the U.S. as a television personality, Rogers befriended law enforcement officers and community leaders and began adopting children from child services. When one of his British survivors discovered a letter to the editor about Rogers posted online in the U.S., he contacted its writer and the two strangers began an international search for justice that led to an explosive conclusion.

Author Bio: Rannah Gray is a public relations consultant whose career highlights include Louisiana’s two favorite pastimes”politics and sports. She is a graduate of LSU with a B.A. and Master’s degree in Journalism, and currently provides expertise to a broad base of clients. She was named a Top 100 Influencer by Politics Magazine. Her first book, Familiar Evil, a true crime story straight out of the headlines from Louisiana to London, has won 11 national and international book awards “ including 7 Gold Medals for Best True Crime and Best New Nonfiction.

Publisher Name: The Lisburn Press

Website: http://www.familiarevil.com