Fatal Odds – Thriller

Author Name: John F. Dobbyn

Book Title: Fatal Odds

Book Synopsis: Michael Knight and Lex Devlin, Boston criminal trial attorneys, become embroiled in a conflict between the Boston Italian mafia and two Puerto Rican crime gangs, all involved in the criminal trade in endangered species of wild animals.

Author Bio: After Harvard, the United States Air Force, Harvard Law School, trial practice in Boston, and a thirty-five year professorship at Villanova Law School, I was ready for a career in mystery/thriller writing. It began with the publication of twenty short mystery stories in Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine and five in Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine, before the publication of five legal thriller novels featuring Boston criminal trial attorneys, Michael Knight and Lex Devlin, by Oceanview Publications. The five novels are: Neon Dragon (Boston Chinese Tong); Frame Up (international art theft and forgery); Black Diamond (horse racing); Deadly Diamonds ( blood diamonds of Sierra Leone); and Fatal Odds (international illegal trade in endangered species of wild animals).

Publisher Name: Oceanview Publications

Website: http://www.johndobbyn.com