Gateway to Everywhere – Historical

Author Name: Ernest Frankel

Book Title: Gateway to Everywhere

Book Synopsis: A riveting epic novel set against the backdrop of turn-of-the-century America, an era when the country was beginning to take its place on the world’s stage. Blending fiction and history, the story begins in China in 1900 on the eve of the Boxer Rebellion and then takes the reader on a heart-pounding escape from Peking and across the pirate-infested high seas to California, and then on to Palm Springs, an area still reeling from the impact of its on-going great drought. At the heart of this dazzling story is a marriage, the union of two Americans living in Peking, the beautiful, charming Shannon, a mere seventeen, and her unwavering Marine husband, Clay. The reader is swept away by their multi-faceted love story, the shadow that has fallen across it, and the events they face together as they are reluctantly forced to flee China, embark on the dangerous voyage back to America, and try to make a new life for themselves in the frustrating, parched and inhospitable environment of Palm Springs, California. The grand sweep of this stunning, visual novel is compelling. Gateway to Everywhere will envelop you in all the elements that give a reader insight into another time and place.

Author Bio: Marine Colonel Ernest Frankel is the author of three novels, Tongue of Fire: The Story of an American Demagogue, Band of Brothers, and Gateway to Everywhere. He is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In World War II, as a Second Lieutenant in the First Marine Division, he commanded a rifle platoon on Okinawa. At war ‘s end, when the Division was tasked with taking the surrender of all Japanese forces in North China, he was assigned to Division Staff, serving in both Peking and Tientsin. Recalled to active duty during the Korean War, he attended Amphibious Warfare School, and annually returned to active duty to write, produce and direct a tabled musical production for the Secretaries Conference of the Department of Defense. While serving as Commanding Officer of his Reserve unit in Los Angeles, he once again received orders to report to the First Marine Division, this time for special assignment in Vietnam. Colonel Frankel, in retirement, is a member of the Writers Guild and the Directors Guild and has a long list of credits in network television, and is now at work on a new novel. He lives in California.

Publisher Name: Hither Lane Press