Gerome Sticks His Neck Out – Children’s Inspirational/Motivational

Author Name: L.S.V. Baker

Book Title: Gerome Sticks His Neck Out

Book Synopsis: œHe no longer stuck out, his height no longer laughable. But with his head hanging low, he felt most ungiraffeable. 

Gerome does not like the attention he draws due to his height. He finds a way to keep a low profile but knows he isn ‘t being genuine. He is finally able to fully embrace his height, and its advantages, when his concern for another becomes greater than his concern for himself.

Through storytelling, Baxter ‘s Corner ® pursues its mission to inspire young children to develop positive social skills that affect behavior choices. Each book features fun filled pages that Go Beyond the reading with a series of questions and learning activities that focus on an important point for your young listener or reader, including:

¢ œWhat do you think  questions

¢ Fun facts about the featured animals

¢ Social skill activities

¢ œStop and think  situations that show the effects of choices we make

Author Bio: With 30 years as a marketing communications professional, Linda Villwock Baker has used her public relations, media and strategic planning skills to advance an array of civic, corporate and nonprofit projects.

Most recently, Ms. Baker co-founded Baxter ‘s Corner, a producer and publisher of children ‘s entertainment and educational materials designed to develop social and interpersonal skills in young children and to inspire positive behavior choices. The company ‘s long term goals include creating a sustainable foundation and legacy that change the world for the better, one story at a time. Ms. Baker is œChief Pencil  or author of all of the Baxter ‘s Corner stories to date.

Previously, Ms. Baker served as senior account manager at Kentucky ‘s largest independent public relations firm as well as owner of her own private consulting firm. During that time, just some of her high profile projects included the expansion of Louisville International Airport to include parallel runways, a program to refit UPS Airline jets with quieter engines, a statewide health initiative to increase the intake of folic acid to reduce birth defects, and the launch of the Kentucky College of Art and Design at Spalding University.

For eight years, Ms. Baker served as the Director of National Internet Marketing for Broadway Across America, developing online promotions and protocols for email and search engine marketing programs to promote touring Broadway shows for a network of 45 cities in North America and Canada.

With a passion for helping marginalized children and adults, Ms. Baker is involved in multiple prison ministry projects, including a job training program at Roederer Correctional Complex in LaGrange, Ky., a mentoring program for women ex-offenders, and is a member of the Board of Directors for Prodigal Ministries, Inc. She also is a classroom volunteer at St. Matthews Elementary, and each summer since 2014, Ms. Baker and her business partner have volunteered to lead a week-long Young Storytellers Camp at The Cabbage Patch Settlement House, which serves at-risk youth.

She also has served on the boards of a number of nonprofit and business organizations, including the March of Dimes Kentucky Chapter, Wednesday ‘s Child, the Boulder (Colorado) Shelter for the Homeless, the American Cancer Society Boulder Chapter, and the National Association of Women Business Owners Louisville Chapter.

Ms. Baker is a graduate of the University of Louisville, a member of Saint Matthews Baptist Church and the proud mother of Devon.

Publisher Name: Baxter’s Corner