Grains of Truth – Friendship

Author Name: Elizabeth Ferry-Perata

Book Title: Grains of Truth: Bonds of friendship cannot be broken

Book Synopsis: About the Book

What are the lies we tell ourselves to stay sane?

In the world of a Texas feed store, the line between reality and truth blurs when love and

friendship are at stake. Meet Sarah and Zoe, two best friends who work in a family-owned feed

store. Their lives begin to unravel when love sparks between Sarah and the feed store owner ‘s

only heir, Tom. Patriarch Otis quickly makes it known that his only son ‘s future won ‘t include the

feed store œgirl . The clash over Tom ‘s love life erupts in a family feud where business is

expected to trump love. In the meantime, a romance also ignites between Zoe and the local

town physician whom she nicknames œDr. Sex on Two Legs . The women are quickly caught up

in a family feud that leads to unexpected consequences, loss and tragedy.

Grains of Truth is an intense, emotional and passion-filled story about two best friends looking

for that one thing everyone wants ” love. It ‘s a story about friendship and accepting what you

can ‘t change. Grains of Truth will move you to tears and leave you astonished. It ‘s a must-read

story with an unexpected twist.

Author Bio: Elizabeth Ferry-Perata is a mother to two handsome boys and a wife to a

wonderful man. She enjoys reading and coming up with unique plots. Elizabeth

also enjoys spending time with family and friends. By day Elizabeth is a college

instructor and by night she writes. Grains of Truth is her debut novel. She is in

the process of writing her second novel, Public Truths.

Publisher Name: 3L Publishing and PR