Heart Seasons: The Rainbow Revelation – Spirituality

Author Name: Dianna Donnely

Book Title: Heart Seasons: The Rainbow Revelation

Book Synopsis: Have you ever felt like God was whispering to you? I have! One sunny day in the spring of 2012, I was sitting in my favorite comfy chair, writing in my journal. From out of the blue, I began experiencing a sensation I had never felt before. I felt a calming warmth in my heart and all of a sudden, I started writing down ideas on the blank pages in my notebook, one after the other, that just came to me.

I was getting inspiration to tell a story from my personal journals. The first thing I wrote down was its title, “Heart Seasons.” It would be a fictional story based on different seasons from my own real life and each season of the novel would be defined by the colors of the rainbow. Come join me on my œJourney of Miracles. 

Lilly Marie Eastbrook Rhodes

You are invited to enjoy the spiritual and inspirational, fiction based on real life story that is “Heart Seasons: The Rainbow Revelation.”

Author Bio: I am blessed to be the author of œHeart Seasons: The Rainbow Revelation.  This fictional story was inspired by real life events and the pursuit of a path to filling that emptiness in the soul that only the love of God can provide. In addition to writing, I am passionate about a œHealthy Happy Lifestyle and Easy Real Food Recipes!  In fact, my next publishing adventure will be a series of œReal Food Meals  recipe books. As Lily, the lead character in my fiction book, would say, œI love to read cookbooks as if they were novels! 

Publisher Name: CreateSpace

Website: http://www.diannadonnely.com