How A Good Person Can Really Win – Personal Growth/Development

Author Name: Pavan Choudary

Book Title: How a Good Person can Really Win

Book Synopsis: Real-world research shows that the œgood person  (one for whom means are as important as the ends) often loses to the unprincipled man (for whom ends are all that matters). The three main reasons for this are:

1. He cannot comprehend how the immoral man thinks, works or makes his moves

2. He lacks battle skills and doesn ‘t know how to fight back

3. He is often egoistic about his honesty, whereas the immoral man subjugates his ego to greed and teams up with others

This book prepares the good person towards:

1. Comprehending evil moves

2. Executing powerful antidotes

3. Converting his virtues into competitive tools and building powerful collaborations with men like himself & win decisively

Free of platitudes and unproven recommendations, How a Good Person can Really Win is backed by extensive research, and can lead men to victory in the real world. It has relevance to all walks of life.

Author Bio: Professional background:

Since 1998, Pavan Choudary is the CEO and Managing Director of Vygon India Pvt. Ltd., a leading French Multinational in Healthcare.

Prior to this, he held senior positions in Marketing and Advertising at large Indian and Foreign MNCs and has authored The Rx Factor, a seminal work on healthcare marketing and strategy.

He Chairs the Medical Technology Association of India, is a Trustee with the Lal Bahadur National Memorial Trust, an Independent Director with Transasia Bio Medicals ltd and sit on the Advisory board of Executive Access Pvt Ltd.

Contributions in the Socio-Political Space:

Over the past three decades, through intense study, he has also acquired deep knowledge of two socio-political areas.

1. Helping the ethical man/ ethical organization acquire competitive advantage and How Ethics, Effectiveness and Power can co-exist.

His research in this area:

· Has given birth to books like, the best-selling- How a Good person can really win (Earlier version-When You are sinking become a Submarine) – recipient of the prestigious Eric Hoffer Award and The Readers ‘ Favorite Award (finalist) .

· Has won him critical acclaim( ˜Intellectual Icon of the Year Award ‘, ˜Business Excellence Award ‘ , ˜Global Leadership Award ‘) and has got him the opportunity to train many senior professionals across the world and to speak at leading institutes viz. the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie, the Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel National Police Academy, Hyderabad, IIMs (Indian Institutes of Management at Ahmedabad, Lucknow and Kozhikode), Sydney Technical University, Singapore Management University and other prestigious institutes in India and abroad.

He is a keen student of Wisdom & Power and his study has made him deep dive in to the theatre of war & competition among communities and nations. It has given birth to books like Machiavelli for Moral people and Chanakya ‘s Political Wisdom. This field continues to fascinate him and as an off shoot of this interest, he has also advised several CEOs, Sport Stars and people in public life on Personal and Career Strategy & have played some role in making principled people win.

2. The other area in which he has considerable experience and where he is at the same time looking for answers is how self-centred, acutely stratified, tradition obsessed, feudal societies can change in to more socially enlightened, egalitarian, scientific tempered and disciplined communities.

His learning in this area is drawn from the body of research which he assimilated for his TV show, Hum Aisey Kyun Hain (Why are we like that?). more than 70 episodes of which have been already telecast nationally by Doordarshan National. The episodes can be viewed on IdeasInfinite. This show helped him explore questions like why some communities are self-seeking, corrupt, in-disciplined, hypocritical etc. He delved in to these issues with experts drawn from Sociology, Psychology, Management, Education, Media, Police and Administration.

He has also written columns for The Times of India, œMera Gaon Mera Desh  and Financial Chronicle, œSacred Bull  on topics arising from the above two areas. Currently he write mainly for

Apart from this, Pavan has also co-authored three books with Magsaysay Awardee, Kiran Bedi “ Broom & Groom 2010- (A book on Hygiene and Manners), Swachh Bharat Checklist 2015 & Uprising 2011- Indians Against Corruption and one book with Congress leader and Ex Finance Minister, Government of India, Anil Shastri, Lal Bahadur Shastri – Lessons in Leadership which was released by the Dalai Lama in Delhi.

For more please visit his website and twitter @writerpavan

Publisher Name: Wisdom Village Publications