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Author Name: Nancy Addison

Book Title: How To Be A Healthy Vegetarian, 2nd Edition

Book Synopsis: The plant-based diet is the healing diet. Whether you are a vegetarian or someone who just wants to be healthier, when you add more plant-based foods to your diet, your health is going to benefit. Nancy’s book is “How To Be A Healthy Vegetarian.” Nancy’s book has nutrition facts and information that would benefit anyone (with lots of helpful information for people with cancer, diabetes, frequent illnesses or weight loss and weight control problems); over 115 simple gourmet, organic recipes (everything from raw, vegan to vegetarian); cutting edge information on soy, protein, fats, sugars; helpful shopping information; fantastic natural remedies (for healthy hair, sleeping problems, foods to help alleviate stress or boosting your libido), how to your boost immune system, stress management, organic nutrition facts, nutritional supplements recommendations, organic gardening tips, and resources! It is easy to understand and a great resource for anyone who is looking to live a healthier lifestyle.
Double Award Winner-Finalist – Indie Book Awards

Awarded Finalist – International Book Awards- General Health Category 2016

“Best Health and Nutrition Book of this Century!”
book review by Gary Massad M.D.

“How To Be A Healthy Vegetarian” is an excellent book. Having had the opportunity to assist and promote health and nutrition with world-class athletes over the last 25 years; it is my opinion that Nancy Addison’s book is a formula for high-level performance in our daily lives. I can’t imagine a more informative book for the person looking to improve their health. Nancy is one of the top nutritionist that I have ever met. What you put on the end of your fork is more powerful medicine than anything you will find at the bottom of a pill bottle.”
– Gary L. Massad M.D. First National Corporate Medical Director and founder of Occupational Health Centers in America. Attending physician to the Iron Man Hawaii; Attending Physician, United States Triathlon Association; Attending Physician United States Tae Kwon Do Association, Attending Physician United States Cycling Federation.

Author Bio: Nancy Addison is a nutritional consultant, author and lecturer. Nancy’s speeches, radio shows, books and articles offer a constantly expanding body of knowledge that focuses on the benefits of establishing and maintaining a healthy body, mind and spirit.

Best Selling Author of Diabetes And Your Diet (#1 best seller, International Book Awards 2017, Winner, general health category, and finalist in the North Texas Book Awards), Raising Healthy Children (#1 best seller and winner of the Mom’s Choice Award For Excellence and International Book Awards 2017, Winner, Best Parenting Book of the year & Best Family Book of the year), How To Be A Healthy Vegetarian (Best seller second edition, Winner for Best Specialty Cookbook of the year, 2017, Book Excellence Awards, Winner in the North Texas Book Awards, winner/double finalist Indie Book Awards, and awarded finalist in the International Book Awards), and Lose Weight, Get Healthy And Never Have To Be On A Diet Again!(awarded finalist in International Book Awards)

Author of Alive and Cooking; An Easy Guide To Health For You And Your Parents

Radio Show Host I Heart Radio and W4CY Radio Show’s name is Organic Healthy Lifestyle

Nancy is featured in the documentary: Eating You Alive. The film features leading medical experts, Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Dean Ornish, and actor, Samuel L. Jackson.

Publisher Name: Organic Healthy Lifestyle Publishing