How to Say Cheese – Book Interior Design

Author Name: AK Williams

Book Title: How to Say Cheese

Book Synopsis: HOW TO SAY CHEESE – An interactive cheese journey

How to Say Cheese, is an approachable multi-touch eBook that offers more than reference, this book

is loaded with interactivity. Less fromage snob and more cheesy fun! Learn how to pronounce, store and eat unique cheeses from around the globe.

How to Say Cheese, offers info on the raw milk debate, where to buy stinky and runny cheese, plus seasonal platter ideas. Scattered throughout the book are dairy animal icons, each with a hidden surprise. Readers say that after exploring this

interactive cheese journey, they feel more confident when approaching a fine cheese counter.

Author Bio: SHORT BIO

AK Williams is an award-winning author and cheesemaker with a degree in Agro-Forestry. For four years AK was the assistant manager at Benton Brothers Fine Cheese on Granville Island in Vancouver, Canada. In 2015 Williams moved to Australia to become a certified cheesemaker and in 2016 won a gold medal for her cloth-bound cheddar at the Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards. Williams is now an assistant cheesemaker at Cupitt ‘s Fromagerie on the South Coast of NSW, Australia.

Publisher Name: Interactive Bee Media