Jodie and the Library Card – Pre-Teen Fiction

Author Name: Julie Hodgson

Book Title: Jodie and the library card

Book Synopsis: Jodie Broom, a 12-year-old girl (almost 13!), is like most girls her age. She loves her friends, music, and is always up for a good adventure. What she treasures above all else are books and she is consumed by them, reading and collecting whatever she can to satisfy her voracious appetite for stories, facts, and history. But Jodie lives in the year 2075, and more than fifty years have passed since the banning of books and paper; it’s a time when no one can own a printed book, or even print photographs. In this E-world, experiences are largely simulated, from the reconstituted food to the zoo that only shows films of all the extinct species. With her student library card, which gives her the ability to time travel, Jodie discovers that she and her friends can experience historical events and meet legendary characters, and can also find and bring home her precious books to keep safe in her secret hiding place. But her luck may soon run out as the authorities wise up to the youths’ craftiness.

Author Bio: I started writing poetry and short stories at the age of 9, nice way to switch off I guess. Then it just escalated from there. My English teacher at my secondary school Mrs. Love was an inspiration to me. In 1985 I moved to Tripoli in Lybia, and as the schools did not have any books I started writing for the children of the local British schools. Its amazing that when there are no books you crave anything to read. So we all got together and made something out of nothing.

I have continued writing for newspapers, The Times in Kuwait in 89 just before the first Gulf conflict, then, Libya, Sweden, Uk and lots of other countries. And the story could go on and on…

I now live in Sweden I have had many books published in the past and have joined publishers Opera Omnia and they published the first bilingual book back in November 2012.

I feel books are important and that children should have carefree, happy well-adjusted lives. Sadly in this world, it is not always the case.But one can hope.

My motto in life is, “Always be the very best you can be”

Publisher Name: Chave AB