Mistress Suffragette – Romance

Author Name: Diana Forbes

Book Title: Mistress Suffragette

Book Synopsis: A young woman without prospects at a ball in Gilded Age Newport, Rhode Island is a target for a certain kind of suitor. At the Memorial Day Ball during the Panic of 1893, impoverished but feisty Penelope Stanton quickly draws the unwanted advances of a villainous millionaire banker who preys on distressed women”the incorrigible Mr. Daggers. Skilled in the art of flirtation, Edgar Daggers is not without his charms, and Penelope is attracted to him against her better judgment. Meanwhile a special talent of Penelope’s makes her the ideal candidate for a paying job in the Suffrage Movement. During a glittering age where a woman’s reputation is her most valuable possession, Penelope must decide whether to compromise her principles for love.

Author Bio: Diana Forbes is an historical fiction author who is passionate about old New York, ancestry, and untold stories.

She is a ninth-generation American, with ancestors on both sides of the Civil War. Diana Forbes lives and writes in Manhattan. When she is not cribbing chapters, Diana Forbes loves to explore the buildings where her nineteenth-century American ancestors lived, loved, survived and thrived. She is passionate about vintage clothing, antique furniture, ancestry, and vows to master the quadrille in her lifetime.

Publisher Name: Penmore Press

Website: http://www.DianaForbesNovels.com