More Heaven: Because Every Child Is Special – Parenting

Author Name: Dr. Jo Anne White

Book Title: More Heaven: Because Every Child Is Special

Book Synopsis: Six children with special needs and the fortitude of

one remarkable teacher, Miss Tina Randolph, mount

a tireless daily battle to shift the tide toward the

acceptance of people who are different. Accepting

their uniqueness and sharing in their private, fantasy

world, while engaging them in the real world, Tina

gives them a chance at learning and life. Despite

challenges and lack of support, her commitment

to reach, teach and inspire never wavers.

MORE HEAVEN is based on a real pilot program in

the Philadelphia public school system in response to

the 1975 Education for the Handicapped Act, ruling

that US public schools educate all children with disabilities.

The experiment, begun in chaotic uncharted waters,

bridges the gap of understanding and paves the way for

inclusionary education practices and social acceptance

of children and adults with special needs

”a road that continues to need paving.

Author Bio: Jo Anne White, PhD. is an International

Award-Winning, Bestselling Author and

Speaker. For several years, she taught

children with special needs and became

an adjunct Instructor in the Special Education

Department at Temple University.

Dr. White was hired as the Executive Director

of a comprehensive educational, clinical,

vocational, autistic and residential program

for Children and Youth with Special Needs

at Bancroft, in New Jersey, and later served

as the Director of Research, Evaluation and

Training for all Bancroft programs.

A Certified Professional Coach, Business

Consultant and Energy Master, Dr. White’s

helped millions of individuals and organizations

shape their dreams, master their own success

and triumph. She was named a Worldwide

Branding Top Female Executive in Professional

Coaching (2015) by Worldwide Who’s Who

and has been featured online, in national and

international media outlets.

Her book “More Heaven: Because Every Child Is Special is an International Amazon Bestseller and has won numerous awards including a Book Excellence Award and a Mom’s Choice Award and named among the best in family-friendly media, products and services.

Publisher Name: Outskirts Press