Ride the Wave – Sales and Marketing

Author Name: John Wessinger

Book Title: RIDE THE WAVE: How To Embrace Change And Create A Powerful New Relationship With Risk


We are in an era in which technology and information-sharing platforms have given buyers and consumers more information about products and services than ever before. There is a new power dynamic between companies and customers in which buyers no longer need organizations to help them make a purchase decision. As the competitive landscape continues to change, business leaders will need a new process for overcoming challenges and a new mindset to find success.


Author John Wessinger believes that organizations must learn to embrace the conditions (quickly evaluate changing markets), adopt a progression-based mindset (continually build new skills) and use risk as a compass (willingly explore risk-driven strategies) to thrive in these new conditions. Business leaders must be more like surfers and approach marketing and selling the same way surfers approach riding waves: by using a set of principles to overcome new challenges and leveraging the natural momentum within changing markets to break through the status quo.


This book is for business leaders, organizational teams and anyone looking for a process to overcome a new personal or professional challenge. Ride the Wave provides the reader with a tactical roadmap of how successful organizations have used the principles to overcome disruptive market challenges, build new skills and find success in the face of extreme professional risk. This book will help you embrace the changes we are all experiencing and create a powerful new relationship with risk by exploring it head-on instead of avoiding it.

Author Bio: John is the founder of the sales and marketing firm LATERALUS Solutions and is the creator of the Ride the Wave Process. LATERALUS was built from John’s experiences working within the healthcare and retail industries. He has helped to build market leaders and contributed to the success of billion-dollar brands within global organizations.

Publisher Name: Wise Ink Creative Publishing

Website: http://www.lateralussolutions.com/book