Slam after Slam with Force Point – Arts and Entertainment

Author Name: Pavel N Boev

Book Title: Slam after Slam with Force Point

Book Synopsis: – The book presents the new Force Point Bridge System oriented to catch any possible SLAM even with only 20 HCP in both hands.

– The main tools which Fp uses: An accurate Counting directly in contract tricks, one only Convention SCOR – SCOR for discovering partner’s exact shape below your Game Contract, the asking for the current exact partner’s strength and the Control Points Asking (CPA) for discovering partner’s exact number and kind of all TOP Honors with one only question – one answer !

– The new Fp Bidding Sysnotes for Internet Playing is an interactive computer program with the Openings, Overcalls and corresponding Bidding Mechanisms. It is interactive presenting of the Fp system with the most of possible situations by the time of the Bidding

– 25 years of research, that’s it. Any customer may request for up to 4 hours of free explanations in BBO about the system and using of Sysnotes.

Author Bio: Born February 1949, Asenovgrad, Bulgaria, Special high school of electronics, Plovdiv, Maser degree in electronics, Sofia. Head of Maintenance departments of 2 plants, “Asenova Krepost” & “Chemic” in Asenovgrad for production of polyethylene canvases, plastic packing & household containers. 1991 immigrated with family to NY, US. 1993 started to work for ETNA Prestige Technology Inc. Maintenance department at Lufthansa Cargo, JFK. Retired 1915, continued to work part time at same place. Side occupation as a hobby: Bridge Bidding, which allowed me to create a new explicit Bridge Bidding System Force Point.

Publisher Name: Pawell Boiew, Svilen Boeff, Aleksander Dulevski, Milen Markov