Sonia Gandhi: The Power – Political

Author Name: Roopa Venktesh

Book Title: Sonia Gandhi The Power Part One The Series

Book Synopsis: Sonia Gandhi: The Power Part I is a book author Roopa Venktesh have pleasure in presenting to the curious reader/s and critics and I hope who respect the power in what I love to believe is a phenomenal career in politics. The reason for writing this book is purely as a source of inspiration to many women like herself who struggle to live a challenging life abroad. What acceptance means to people who work abroad is perhaps something that I struggled to express as when there is no acceptance of the ideals, they fail to flourish as they should do. I sincerely hopes that with globalization, people and values will be widely accepted regardless of religion, color, creed, race and nationality and there will be no discrimination on such a basis or characteristics.

Author Bio: Roopa Venktesh is a General Practitioner doctor by profession and has medical experience in India and the UK. I pursue general practice (called family practice in many countries). Writing is a field that I wish to pursue.

Publisher Name: Author House