Still Standing After All the Tears – Addiction and Recovery

Author Name: Valerie Silveira

Book Title: Still Standing After All the Tears

Book Synopsis: In August 2016, Valerie’s only daughter was murdered. Twelve years and twelve days earlier, Jamie (a.k.a. Jordan) survived a near-fatal gunshot wound. Valerie rode the Roller Coaster From hell for thirteen years while Jamie lived in the belly of her addiction Beast. Valerie finally made a life-saving decision “ she stood up and fought for he own life. She had been standing strong for nearly three years when she got the knock on the door no mother can prepare for. Valerie understands that she will always live with a hole in her heart, but she made a decision shortly after Jamie’s death to not allow misery back into her life. Instead, she stands a woman of courage, showing others it is possible to be happy, no matter what.

Author Bio: Valerie Silveira is an award-winning author, international speaker, and Beast slayer. Through the devastation of losing her daughter over and over to the addiction Beast, and finally losing her to a senseless murder, Valerie empowers others to stand up and fight for their lives. She is the creator of the Nine Actions to Battle Your Beast and the Still Standing Sisterhood. Valerie uses these tools to guide women in their quest for happiness, peace, and purpose. She builds up women of courage.

Publisher Name: The Still Standing Group