Teaching with Love and Logic: Taking Control of the Classroom – Education and Academic

Author Name: Jim Fay & Charles Fay, Ph.D.

Book Title: Teaching with Love and Logic: Taking Control of the Classroom

Book Synopsis: The Gold Standard of practical and effective solutions for…

– Gaining cooperation from students who don’t respond to traditional behavior management systems.

– Managing large groups of students without having to apply complicated, time-consuming techniques.

– Motivating apathetic students who just won’t try.

– Reducing classroom drama and helping students learn to take responsibility for solving the problems they face.

– Succeeding with extremely difficult helicopter or drill sergeant parents.

– Creating a Love and Logic classroom culture of dignity and respect where students are empowered to think about learning even more than their teachers.

– Taking great care of yourself as you inspire your students toward greatness.

Author Bio: Jim Fay is one of America’s most sought-after presenters and authors in the area of parenting and school discipline. His background includes 31 years as a teacher and administrator, over three decades as a professional consultant, and many years as the parent of three children. Jim has discovered that fun stories are the most powerful way of helping people learn.

Charles Fay, Ph.D. is a parent, internationally recognized author, consultant and highly skilled public speaker. Dr. Fay’s interest in education and psychology were peaked as a child from years of exposure to some of our nation’s most dynamic experts in these fields. This early exposure came as a result of participation in training events with his father, Jim Fay.

Publisher Name: Love and Logic Institute, Inc

Website: http://www.loveandlogic.com/teaching-with-love-and-logic