Texas Farm Girl Aquaculture Farming – Picture Book – All Ages

Author Name: Rebecca Crownover

Book Title: Texas Farm Girl: Aquaculture Farming

Book Synopsis: Texas Farm Girl takes a trip with PawPaw to Global Blue Technologies shrimp farm in Taft, Texas. As she tours the farm, she is excited to find out how the farm is making an impact on the world with the environmentally friendly way they are raising shrimp. Texas Farm Girl is inspired to learn the life lesson of how striving to make a little difference can make a big impact in the world.

Author Bio: A single mom and only parent, farmer by profession, and Best Selling and Award Winning Children’s Book Author, Rebecca Crownover uses her life experiences to inspire children and their parents through her writing. From Texas To Los Angeles, she has been featured in National Farming Magazines and many other media outlets. She was also featured on William Shatner’s National TV program where she received an award by Retired Rear Admiral Kevin F. Delaney for being an innovative entrepreneur in helping move America forward through the Texas Farm Girl series. Rebecca is an AGvocate in educating kids and her fans about Agriculture as well as to inspire others through her life story .

Publisher Name: Mascot Books

Website: http://www.texasfarmgirl.com