The Last Jump – Military

Author Name: John E. Nevola

Book Title: The Last Jump

Book Synopsis: A mother’s dying wish propels her son headlong into an unexpected adventure as revealed in The Last Jump. Fact and fiction intermix seamlessly as he endeavors to unravel a mysterious secret passionately guarded by four aging soldiers who swore an oath never to reveal it. The Last Jump is a war story, a mystery, a love tale and a narrative of valor and honor about the gritty men and women who won World War II. The reader is transported back to a time to an imperfect country, with all its incredible virtues and vexing shortcomings, struggling with racial and gender issues while fighting for its very survival. As our protagonist endeavors to solve the mystery, he uncovers truths he never could have imagined including the shocking conclusion.

Author Bio: John E. Nevola is a United States Army veteran and a member of the Military Writers Society of America. He was born in New York City, is a graduate of Cardinal Hayes High School and the College of Aeronautics. He resides in New Jersey with his wife Josephine. They have four children and seven grandchildren.

Publisher Name: Outskirts Press