The Rogue Intruder – Science Fiction

Author Name: Frederick W. Jamison

Book Title: The Rogue Intruder

Book Synopsis: By the mid-twenty-first century, a worldwide civil war erupted, which killed over five billion people. Unigov, a brutal one-world government, came into power and filled the void caused by the collapse of social order. Unigov evolved its rule to be absolute using technology that past dictators could not have dreamed of. Unigov, a totalitarian form of state-controlled capitalism, used multiple cameras, drones, and vicious robotroopers enhanced with artificial intelligence to control the masses. Breaking Unigov laws and edicts was punishable by either immediate death carried out by patrolling robotroopers or internment into reeducation camps for enlightenment which, for most, was far worse than death.

By the year 2147, mankind was living and working in space. To escape the savageness of Unigov, Dr. Timothy Grey and colleagues, with the help of BMW Mining, decided to build an interstellar spaceship and hide it next to BMW’s main mining facility in the asteroid belt. The spaceship was designed to take them and their future generations to Kepler-452c, Earth’s twin. However, before they could complete the spaceship, a small rogue black hole racing toward the solar system was discovered by a teenage amateur astronomer.

Author Bio: Frederick Jamison is originally from Missouri but now living in northern California with his wife Christine and their two Shetland Sheepdogs. He also has three grown children and four grandchildren.

Mr. Jamison is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis, with degrees in computer science. He has authored Requirements Management Methodology and How to Implement and Manage Client-Server Configuration Management. He has been a keynote speaker throughout the 1990s and has written many white papers and presentations on Enterprise Engineering. Additionally, he taught classes at Washington University in St. Louis in business modeling, systems analysis and design, file design and processing methodologies, and logical methods.

Mr. Jamison is currently retired but has over thirty-seven years of executive management and hands-on technology experience. He has authored two patents as a civil engineer. As a vice president of Enterprise Engineering, he has consulted with many large corporations and federal and state agencies, performing business analysis (business assessments) and enterprise engineering implementations.

Mr. Jamison is a decorated Vietnam veteran and a past member of the 82nd Airborne Division.

In addition, Mr. Jamison is bilingual, able to speak English and German.

Publisher Name: Xlibris